About Me and Mine

Welcome, Friend!  So glad you stopped by. 
I hope you make yourself comfortable and stay awhile. 
If you want to know a little bit about me and mine, you're in the right spot.


A homeschooling mom.  Busy and sleep-deprived. 
A forgetful thinker, I write to remember what God has taught me. 


My Sugah, Sugah. Smart.  Funny.  What I like in a guy. 
He tells me I'm beautiful and plays with the kids. 

And then, my Sugars:

The Thinker

Competitive. Smart. A Questioner of all things. 

The Stinker

Funny. Forgetful.  A good worker.

The Princess

Baby GIRL.  Demanding.  Opinionated.  Captiviating.

Sugar Tails is a nod to my Lord, my husband and my children. Once upon a time, God gave me a wonderful man to be by my side and on my side. Then God blessed me with two boys: snakes and snails and puppy-dog Tails. After nine fun-filled, action-packed years of boy adventures, God sent us a princess: Sugar and spice and everything nice. We are all captivated by her. My boys wear fluffy scarves when she wraps them round their necks, and my knife-collecting, bow-shooting husband is shopping for pink purses at Cracker Barrel. He's a dear man. I am blessed . . . and sometimes overwhelmed with being a homeschooling mom. But God's story is the sweetest of all, and the best gift is that He allows you and me a part in that story. So we're living pretty happily as we anticipate Ever After.

That's About Me and Mine.  I look forward to learning about you and yours.

*become blameless and pure, children of God . . . shine like stars* (Ph 2:15)

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