Favorite Past Posts

I write to remember. 
These posts are the ones I return to so that I will remember
the small things in life.

Lessons learned and steps taken. 
 So that I don't forget.

And a few funny memories that I hold onto to make me smile.

Because we all need those.

May these encourage you and sweeten your day:

A Treasure of Darkness

Hers, Mine and His

Blessed in the Wait

Fading Light Reveals Him

Your Words, My Treasure


Good Medicine

Sock It To Me

Love in a Box

Mastered . . . Again

She Works With Eager Hands

Barbie and My Dad

Extreme Makeover:  Divine Edition

Through Sorrow She Sings

A Noteworthy Idea

What Life Lessons Have You Learned?  (Friendly Friday)

He Speaks a Foreign Language

His Child Fully Known

I Look Up to Her

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