Sunday, March 14, 2010

Extreme Makeover: Divine Edition

A thought from Rob Bell caused a major renovation in my mind today. It needed it. We were watching the DVD Everything is Spiritual, when he said this:

“Everything is drenched in the Divine.”

My mind stuck on that phrase and rolled it over and over in my head. Everything? Really? My mind protests that this can’t be so. Telling my kids for the 140th time to pick up their socks surely isn’t drenched in the Divine. Sorting laundry, warming up a frozen pizza, mopping globs of applesauce off of Baby Girl’s face isn’t divine. Listening to the replay of a college ballgame given by my sports nut certainly doesn’t qualify either, does it? And preparing for a class only to have half of the people not show and others show up late can’t be listed in the Divine in my book.

And then this other thought from Rob Bell,
“What you look for, you will find.”

That’s when I had my makeover moment. I’m looking for the wrong things. When I focus on dirty socks, dirty faces, hurried dinners and boring replays, I’m not looking for the Divine. I’m looking for a way out. When I focus on late and absent members of a class, I’m not looking for the Divine. I’m looking at my own disappointment and frustration.

So bear with me as I pause for a moment, close my eyes and refocus. I’m going to look for the Divine.  With eyes closed, now I see:

Feet. Strong, healthy, running, happy feet. Working as God created them to. That’s what those socks belong to.

Food. Quick, nourishing, yummy food. Food that many others literally die without. And time. Time I didn’t have to spend preparing something in the kitchen. More time to spend with the blessings God gave me.

The Face. A sweet, smiling face under all that applesauce. I love that face. Thank you, God, for that face.

Friendship. Heartstrings tied with my son as he grows.  How blessed I am that he wants to talk to me.

Fellowship. Earnest, seeking friends who really want to be there – even if it means being twenty minutes late.

Excuse me as I rediscover the Divine. My life is drenched in it.



MamaMonki said...

Thank you for that reminder. I think too often I forget to see the blessings in the everyday things.

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Hello, I am here visiting from SITS. I am so glad that I found your blog! "Everything is drenched in the Divine", is just what I need to refocus on. I am going through a very stressful time, a time when I can get very distracted by things that just don't matter- and this is a wonderful quote for me to keep in my heart today. Thank you!
I also really liked what you said about the NYT article on SITS. I agree with you, and I hope that they don't become discouraged.
Have a wonderful day!

Kita said...

Bumping into you again but I just read your comment at the SITS site and I agree with you 100%. Other than the title, the article wasnt horrible. Im not sure what all the fuss is about.

Lora said...

What a beautiful post! I love Rob Bell, and I loved this post :)

I came to visit because I was with you in the minority over at SITS--thinking the article wasn't such a big deal. Glad I found you though--what a lovely blog!

Ginger@cottageonrosewood said...

Stopping by from SITS. I think we can all use this divine makeover from time to time. I read this on a day when I really needed it. The Lord works just that way doesn't He?

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Thank you for becoming my follower! I'm thrilled!
I am looking forward to you posts!

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