Friday, March 12, 2010

Friendly Friday: I Really Want to Know

Because what I really want is to know about you, this is Friendly Friday.  I'll ask a question, you answer.  Pretty easy, right?  Hold tight as I explain where I'm going, and wait for the question.

Yesterday I got my tires checked.  After my name was called, and I had changed into a lovely pink top with strings, I joined a few other women in a smaller, more private inner room.  I sat with my magazine and started to read when I realized something was wrong with my top.  It wasn't tied right, but I couldn't figure out what was wrong.  One of the ladies, a joyful older gal, noticed my fiddling with it and started to giggle.  "Not you too?"  Apparently, it's a universal problem.

Her friend, a take-charge blond about 20 or more years older than I, ordered, "Stand up.  I'll help you." 

And I obeyed.

She walked over
Untied my top
Wrapped me right
And tied me up again.

Strangely, it didn't feel weird:  this woman I'd never set eyes on before re-robing my braless self (she did it modestly). 

In a waiting room of women dressed in pink tie-tops, it felt like . . . . Sisterhood.  She and I and the other women waiting for their squeezes and waiting for what we hoped was good news, bonded.

So, my question to you:  When was the last time you felt a sisterhood bond with a complete stranger?

I really want to know.



Michele said...

I normally bond with people quickly and easily; however, I must say that is one good story. . . and, my fried mommy brain is not allowing me to recall any time when I felt a sisterhood with a complete stranger. Have a great weekend!

anne graves said...

Girl, let me first stay that I really thought you had your tires checked and that you were letting a woman undo your clothes in a Jiffy Lube or something. Yes, call me pretty slow! :) Anyhoo- sisterhood. I think I have felt this way at various playgrounds or such when it is mommy and kiddie time. You know, when your child is going crazy and another mother looks at you and reassures you that her child had the same outburst only hours before. Maybe not as personal as letting another woman fix my clothes, but close? And just for the record, I'm glad you didn't change into a pink stringy shirt at Jiffy Lube.

Chatterbox said...

Loved the concept of a friendly Friday :D
What a sweet story GG :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead.


gina said...

I feel them all the time- because I am receptive to them and I work hard to be a supportive and encouraging woman- I love this story.


Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest. :)

gina said...

oh wait, I just thought of one, an exact one, i was a t the ER triage in november and my husband was with me- I had been there two times before and I know they ask your height and weight. Now I am overweight. Hit 200. :( Wasn't looking forward to announcing that in front of my husband- it's not him- it's me. Well, the nurse, also a bigger woman asked me my height and then nothing. Kept going onto symptoms...

I was thrown off guard but so relieved. On the way back out to the waiting room - she said oh, one quick thing tome and to my husband said - you can keep going it will just take a sec. Back in the triage room, she whispered... weight? Girl, we have to stick together, I wouldn't want to go throwing numbers around in front of my husband either. wrote it down quick and sent me out to meet my hubs. i could've kissed her. So , that's my latest example.

Rebecca Watson said...

You have an adorable blog! i love it!! stop by and visit me sometime, maybe become a follower!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

partialemptynester said...

HI, there!!! I love this question, bc I love those girl-bonding moments...and let me just say, you are opening all of us to one right now, bonding in our comments to you, so thank you!! I'm with Anne Graves, thought you were actually having your tires checked ;) After reading the comments, I hopped over to get to know Gina (what a cutie! Bonded with her after watching the video of her and her daughters dancing together, love it! My face to face bonding came two nights ago at dinner with my sister-in-law who was having to come to terms with the fact that her son (who is now taller than all of us) isn't perfect...she and I had a good laugh at coming to terms with our older children's imperfections and no one else (males) could quite go there with us (did we just NOW realize our sons were human?!)...uh, yeah!! Love being a girl! Thanks, Glowingirl, for the fun question!

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