Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Barbie and My Dad

Today is Barbie’s birthday.

It’s also my dad’s.

Which led me to compare the two. Naturally.

Barbie: perfectly plastic in every way from the top of her synthetic bleach blond head to the tip of her tiny imitation toes, including her impossible-to-reproduce-in-real-life figure, so help us all.

My dad: perfectly real in every way from the top of his graying sandy-haired head to the tip of his work-boot covered toes, including his giant 6’3” frame that intimidated the heck out of boys, so help them all.

My faith: at times perfectly Barbie. Attractive on the exterior, but artificial at the core. So, help me, God. I believe. Help my unbelief.

My God: perfectly real in every way from the Beginning to the End. Way bigger and more powerful than I’m even capable of comprehending. Lord, help us all. Please.

My prayer: to have a giant-sized faith to match my giant-sized God. Away with Barbie. Bring on my (Heavenly) Dad.


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Christine Sweet said...

Hey fellow sojourner! Found you from Beth Moore's blog. Anyway, this post made me laugh. Welcome to this kick-butt process, just thought I'd say hello!

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