Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sugar Tales

One of the things I love most in this world is to see one of my boys reading to Baby Girl. It’s a sweet sight.

A current favorite of hers right now is Where Is Baby’s Belly Button? by Karen Katz.

It’s a charming lift-the-flap board book that teaches a few baby body parts by asking questions such as, “Where are baby’s eyes?” Baby lifts the flap to discover a friendly little face, “Under her hat!” The Princess loves and demands it. It’s appropriate for little princes too, by the way. As we read, we take great delight in finding Baby Girl’s feet and belly button.

The book should come with a warning, however. It encourages the discovery of more body parts, so if your adorable toddler is standing in the pew at church with her fingers in her ears while grinning at the minister as he speaks, you may want to be armed with the book as proof that you’re not raising a cheeky child.

Another one we like, an older book, is One Yellow Lion by Matthew Van Fleet, a cleverly illustrated lift-the flap book that teaches numbers and colors. The pictures below are the best description.

The rears of the two bears on the left form the curves on the number 8. Love that!

Delightful! Of course, we make obnoxious animal sounds as we read it to make it even more fun. We can’t help ourselves. The boys have ruined us.

Anyway, in honor of this “Read Across America Day,” I hope you get to read some sugar tales to the lovable urchins at your house – or maybe pick up a sweet read of your own.

Happy Reading!


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