Monday, August 23, 2010

He Carried My Heart in His Pocket

The night before that first day of school, we cuddled close, discussing the next day.  The Thinker asked oodles of questions; I tried to ease out his bundle of nerves.  It was time to say goodnight . . . the end of the day marking the end of ten and a half years of togetherness.  A trail of silent tears marked his climb up the stairs after he kissed his baby sister goodnight.

I followed him up a few minutes later to tuck him in, determined to mark this moment with the positive.  From my dresser top, I lifted the treasure I had found on our beach trip:  a flat, heart-shaped stone the size of his palm. 

We sat on his twin-sized bed, side-by-side.

"Do you remember the day I found this rock?"

He nodded.

"What does it look like?"

"A heart," he answered.

"I'm giving this to you for tomorrow.  Put it in your pocket, and whenever you are nervous or a little stressed, you can squeeze this heart and know I'm thinking of you and praying for you."  We sat in the silence for a minute.  I asked one more question, "Who made this heart?"

"God did," he replied, with a grin.

"So when you squeeze it, you can also know that God loves you and is right there with you, wherever you are.  He put this rock in just the right place for me to find to give it to you.  He's been thinking of you all along, and He's not going to stop now."  We both breathed a little easier, the relief on his face my reward. 

The next day as he climbed aboard the bus for the first time, I caught a glimpse of a heart shape in denim.  He carried God in his heart and my heart in his pocket.

holy experience

Gifts #206 - 222

a God who doesn't stop thinking about us

surviving the first week of school

early morning Bible studies with my thinker

a nice morning bus driver (who was also mine)

catching up at the end of the day

kind and good teachers

friendly students and familiar faces

new school supplies put to use

staying home with The Stinker and The Princess

more relaxed school days at home

games in the afternoon with my middle

peace about a decision

an Internet connection fixed

a chance to carry another's burden

a family gathering for birthdays

kind words from good friends



Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

God is so good! What a nice thing to help calm your son's nerves. That was a smart idea!

Anonymous said...

do you know what glowin girl? you inspire me to be a better mother, very much so. i learn good things from you and your typed out words. i always have...

Carrie said...

Beautiful, GG! ... as always! Your little men and a princess are so blessed to have you, always pointing them to Jesus.

So glad the first week went well! :)

Cranberry Morning said...

What a great reminder to give your son! And what great comfort we believers have, knowing that God is always with us, never leaving us, never forsaking us. Still tugs at the heart strings when we have to let our kids go out into the big world. God bless!

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for the sweet blog comments. You are a mama after my own hard to let them go, even if it's just to school!


Misty said...

love this--it's beautiful and i love that long before the first day of school, you guys found just the right thing that would help the transition... he truly gives good gifts, even before we know we need them! such a great reminder!

e-Mom said...

Oh, you're such a good Mom! He's truly blessed to have you to care for and raise him. What a perfect send-off.

Expecting great things from that son of yours!!!

((Hugs)) e-Mom ღ

Jodi said...

Oh I loved this post. Bless his heart and yours brave Mama.

Amy in Peru said...

I can't imagine... so tough.

I think I'd have a harder time than any of my kids would! ;)

now, where did you find that rock?

amy in peru

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

OH my word - I'm crying girl!!! I just read this out loud to my husband and couldn't breathe by the end. I do not look forward to this day - but you did it so beautifully - thank you - Beautiful post!

Rachel Clark said...

Beautiful, Beautiful!!!

Maggie S said...

Same bus driver!!! Remarkable. I have dodged the first day of letting someone go. Up to now. Leaving for college may get stupid, though.

partialemptynester said...

Oh, I just love the peaceful confidence of this post! Having prayed "with" you over your decision, the Hand of God is so evident! The beauty of a found rock, placed on the beach by our Heavenly Father is enough to bring me to my knees in utter's hard to comprehend, but He cares even more about our children than we moms do!!! Thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

What a sweet mom you are....

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