Monday, November 15, 2010

Purple Tutus and Pink Castles

Boys, boys, boys.  For fourteen years, our family was blessed with them.  My nephew made his entrance on Halloween night (all three pounds of him) as the first of my parents' grandchildren sixteen years ago.  We liked boys so much, my sis and I blessed the family with four more over the next eight years.  Go Tonka trucks, John Deere tractors and anything dirty!

And then She graced us with her presence . . . a surprise in every sense of the word.  Two years ago, as doctors and nurses took bets while they waited, I labored.  I held out hope for a girl, but with a record like ours, I wasn't banking on that happening.  Plus, we had a girl's name picked out but couldn't agree on one for a boy.  Murphy's Law was pointing blue.

I still remember my nurse for that day.  I absolutely loved her.  And it was she who asked when the baby was finally born after hours of impatient waiting and upping Pitocin and agonizing over an epidural, "Did you see?"  Her face positively glowed.

"Did I see?" I asked, confused.  "See what?  Oh, no. No -- I didn't see!  I was too busy looking at the beautiful face and dark head of hair!"  I looked frantically for the telling end, but the doctor had the baby turned over.  All I saw was a sweet, scrawny bum.  I looked at the nurse's face and demanded an answer.  "No, I didn't see -- what is it?!"

She hesitated briefly then blurted, "It's a girl!"

"A girl?!?"

A girl. 

Purple tutus. A pink castle. Baby-dolls galore. Dresses and bows and darling purses.  Tea parties.  A heart-melting, sugar and spice package. 

My husband and I cried happy, awe-filled tears together.

Every one of my baby's births was a time I hold close to my heart.  Each one was special in its own way.  My first was . . . my first.  My second was peppered with visits from friends during and immediately after labor.  And my last gave us ALL a girl.

Two years later, it is a blessing I am still in awe of.  One that delights me and scares me silly all at once. 

So, I give thanks for the fear and the delight of purple tutus, pink castles and twin pony tails.

Happy Birthday to my two year-old Baby Girl.

holy experience

My cup overflows with gifts #419-430:

my birthday girl

pinkalicious cake

a camera to capture fleeting moments

pink poodle purses and a pink tricycle

joy on everyone's faces

years of boy things to enjoy, boogers and all

The Thinker placing in his last Rain Gutter Regata

surprising warm weather to play outside

sidewalk chalk

warm blankets and hoodies when the days got cold again

cold, starry skies

a God who gives birthdays



alison said...

happy birthday to your sweet princess!! there's nothing like a little girl.....of course, my boy has his very own special corner of my heart as well ;) i hope her day is frilly and pink and PERFECT!!

Salina said...

She is absolutely beautiful!! I love her big blue eyes that I'm sure the camera would love too! Happy b-day.

Heather said...

What gorgeous blue eyes she has!

Southern Gal said...

Those eyes! Happy birthday to your little girl.

Cranberry Morning said...

Oh my! I hope this darling little girl doesn't learn how to use her pretty eyes and cute little mouth to manipulate her older brothers! LOL What a cutie! :-)

RissaRoo said...

Oh! What a blessing! She is beautiful, those eyes are amazing.

I know that hubby's family is all boys. We had the first girl to be born into the family in 65 years, I didn't believe the ultrasound and had sewed a few blue blankets along with the hopeful pink, just in case. And we had a second girl a few years later! Hurray for pink tutus and princess castles...I love the little boy dirt and rough-and-tumble but it's nice to have both, isn't it!

Carrie said...

She is such a doll-baby! Love the picture with the chick purse! ;)

I was a nervous wreck before our trip to China! I didn't know what to do with a hairbow! What if I did it wrong and all the girl-moms laughed at me?! ;)

Thoughts for the day said...

what a sweet one. How blessed you are... God looked down and said, a daughter is your gift.
She was His first and then became yours... how precious.

e-Mom said...

Girls are so precious! And you waited a long time for yours. So happy she arrived right on (God's) schedule! Beooo-ti-ful photos.

We had our girl first... and I was thrilled our second-born was a boy. All I ever wanted was one of each. God is good to all of us!

partialemptynester said...

She grows more and more beautiful...and those eyes, my oh my!!! Girls, girls, girls...baking and shopping and dancing and singing...oodles and oodles of fun!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh . . . sweetness of little girls . . . ENJOY! After three boys I say I prayed so hard for a girl I was blessed with two - twins . . .

ENJOYED reading!

Anonymous said...

That is soo precious!!! God is awesome! :) Happy Birthday to your beautiful princess. She is just gorgeous!!!

gabe said...

Sorry I haven't visited sooner. . .you visited my blog a while ago on a multitude monday. . .

That first picture. . .those sweet little baby lips.

We never found out with our babies what they were either, loved the surprise! We went boy, boy girl also. . .then we added a couple more girls!

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