Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm Doing You a Favor Because I Like You

Perhaps I live under a rock.  I sometimes wonder if I'm the last person to discover great books, toys, ideas, artists, and so on.  Some time ago, I rediscovered a great song and spent the season enjoying it.  It's a lovely, beautiful song called Winter Snow, simple and gorgeous with touching lyrics.  I grew fonder with each listen, so much so that I asked my husband for the artist's CD for Christmas. 

He listened, God bless him. 

Perhaps you live under a rock too.  If so, let me share a few lyrics with you from the CD my husband gave me for Christmas called The House You're Building (which is not a Christmas album and does not contain "Winter Snow") because you don't want to miss this. 

You live in a million places
Your fingerprints can be seen on a million faces
There is a trace of You in every hallelujah
Every song that I sing

For love of You
I'm a sky on fire
Because of You I come alive
And it's Your sacred heart within me beating
Your voice within me singing out
For love of You

You are the highway I travel
Cause I watched You carve streets of gold from the sand and gravel
I gave you brokenness
You gave me innocence
And now, this road leads to glory
For Love of You

And if that doesn't win you over, how about these words:

As the dew falls on the blade
You have touched all this fragile frame
And as a mother knows her baby's face
You know me
As the Summer air within my chest
I have breathed You deep down into my breast
And as You know the hairs upon my head
Every thought and every word I've said

Savior, You have known me as I am
Healer, You have known me as I was
As I will be
In the morning, in the evening
You have known me.

If you haven't already, get to know Audrey Assad.  If you know her, share.

You're welcome.

Counting old and new gifts and those new-to-me #551- 575:

a husband who spoils me

new songs

Winter Snow


sledding with my family

silly boys

winter lambs

snowmen and the children who build them

a white Christmas

our annual Christmas Eve traditions, plus new memories

shared communion and "Silent Night" by candlelight in a circle in the sanctuary

winter snow falling, quiet, soft and slow as we left the church

Christmas morning and day

and the next day

and the next (so much family!)

Cella's chocolate covered cherries in my stocking (yum!)

the blessing of being able to give well

the excitement on my sugars' faces because of what they're giving

their belief in the One who gives best

her request to sing "Jesus Loves Me"

her whisper in church days later, "Jesus loves me."


a new year full of promise and mystery



alison said...

apparently i live under a rock too! thank you for sharing :) and STILL jealous of the snow! austin and i were talking last night about if we won the hgtv dream house, would i be able to handle living somewhere that it snowed. i really think that i would be like a little kid...running around, frolicking, and making snow angels. at least or the first week ;)

gabe said...

love your list. . .wish our snow hadn't melted. . .but that is the beauty of winter, I know sooner or later more will come:)

musicalmary said...

love your list! Reading your blog this morning just made me smile. Have a wonderful week!

Cranberry Morning said...

For me...lyrics are everything. Any song that reminds me of who I was and who HE IS...

Love the family pics, so sweet, snowmen and all. :-)

Meghan said...

Hey there! I just found your blog through A Holy Experience and I'm so glad I did. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!


Carrie said...

Yea!! Love, love, love her music, too!! Have a wonderful week, GG!!

Sharon Kirby said...

Thank you for everything you shared today. It was like opening one last Christmas gift! I'm heading right over and checking out this CD on Amazon - the lyrics are powerful -

Thanks for the favor -

Looks like you had wonderful holidays - the pictures were special!


Melanie said...

I just downloaded her CD, but I haven't been able to listen to it. Now, I can't wait!!! :)

I'm so happy to find your blog today! I just created my first list of thanks, and it made a huge difference in my day!


Debra said...

How I appreciate this music, these lyrics, your inspiring words, photos - the whole lovely package continues to bless me. I've returned here at least twice today, in between the household duties calling me, just to savor each time a little longer your inspired post. The music is brand new to me, and wow! I feel like I must have been living under a rock. Okay, the Rock of Ages I've been living under. But I think that today He sent me here for fresh inspiration. You have done me a favor girl. Thank you and bless you from the bottom of my heart.

Tea with Tiffany said...

I love peeking in on your family. Love the snow pics. And I do live on a rock I guess. :) Always love finding great music.

And I love knowing you are intentionally counting your gifts! Gratitude is powerful. It's done so much in my life. Thank you, God.

Hope to stop in again soon.
Happy 2011.


Chrystie said...

Love Audrey Assad's album and that has to be one of my favorite songs on the album!

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