Sunday, April 4, 2010

That Sounds Easy Enough

Some things look as though they would be easy, but they really aren't.  Kicking a little bitty soccer ball into a great big goal looks like it would be easy, but it's not.  Taking a gorgeous photo looks like it would be easy, but it's not.  Spinning on the ice looks like it would be easy, but it's not (unless maybe you're in your car and you didn't mean to).  All of these things look easy because the amazing people that have practiced it make it look so.  For the rest of us common folk, it's just not.

I learned this also applies to cake balls.  My fun-loving, red-headed friend, Anne, introduced me to delicious balls of cake at a New Year's Eve party.  They were incredibly oh-so-rich and yummy, not to mention cute as could be.  I forgot to ask her how to make them, but sometime later stumbled upon these beautiful darlings by Bakerella, the Queen of Cake Pops (and I mean that with admiration).

I looked at the directions for making them and thought,
"That sounds easy enough." 



Notice hers are cake pops.  Mine are balls. 
I couldn't find the little sucker sticks in my tiny town. 

They are just plain cuter sticking up in the air

Hers are pretty round balls. 
Mine are lumpy and lopsided.

Hers are smooth and lovely. 
Mine are . .  . lumpy and lopsided.

As I was making them and struggling with the sticky lumps of cake and frosting, I told my hubby, "I have no desire to make these again."  As the melted chocolate became messy with cake crumbs (because I melted too much at once and didn't listen to Bakerella, the Queen of Cake Pops), I told my hubby, "Did I mention I have no desire to make these again?"  As the semisweet chocolate refused to melt (and I've never had that happen), and I was really getting frustrated, I said, "I really never want to make these again!" 

But finally, they were finished and the chocolate had set, and even though they were a little lumpy and lopsided, they didn't look terrible.  Just not as perfect and pretty as Bakerella's.  But I didn't take pictures to the party to compare them.  I just put them on a pretty serving platter and set them on the dessert table at Easter dinner.  

Then the compliments started to roll in.  They were good.  Really good.  A little lopsided maybe, but tasty.  Isn't that what really counts after all?
So, I've started to think that maybe all that I need is a little more practice.  And some sticks. 



MamaMonki said...

I think yours are pretty. Maybe I'll have to check the directions out and give them a try too.

Megan said...

So excited to see this post. I made cake balls a few months ago.... minus the sticks too! Mine were very similar to yours ~ but completely delicious!

Next time I'll take pics!

Hope you are well.... Happy Easter!

The Cake Pop Company said...

I know just how you feel, I felt the same way the first time I tried to make them. I actually started a Cake Pop business after I tweaked the basic recipe. So, if you really don't want to mess with making them again, you can always buy them from my company. We ship nation wide and have had such clients as Paris Hilton, Jimmy Kimmel, The Jay Leno Show and even Rob Thomas. Check us out at

GlowinGirl said...

Thanks for the offer, Cake Pop Company. :)

But I really like compliments, so I might have to pass. Plus, I'm a little stubborn. I want to figure this thing out!

But your cake pops are cute!

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS to say hi! I couldn't make cake pops at all--I can barely make a cake!

the momma said...

Hey, I don't think yours look bad at all! I tried cake pops before too...Bakerella makes it look so EASY!! She lies. :0)
Keep trying! I bet her first attempt looked worse than yours!
(Stopping in from SITS!)

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

i can't tell you how many times I have seen these and thought I could do that but then i get the mental image of how mine would realy turn out. Yours look great!!! and yes the taste is totally what matters most :) oh and thank you for visitng me on my sits day

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

So long as they taste good, that's what matters! And if you are looking to go all fancy, check out Ruthanne's cake balls on her blog-- She made some that look like gumball machines!

Anonymous said...

Lumpy and lobsided...maybe...but they still look delicious^^

The Redhead Riter said...

If they are yummy, that is 3/4 of the battle. A little practice and I'm sure you will be a pro with the cake pops.

Jamie said...

You did a good job! I made cake balls for Christmas and they are definitely a lot harder than cake pops. If you ever find the lollipop sticks (amazon, maybe?) you should definitely give them another try. :)

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