Friday, May 21, 2010

Dance With Me (Friendly Friday)

Dancing with the Stars is tough on our marriage.  My husband and I sit in the family room together as we watch couples float and fly, twirl and tango across the dance floor.  He endures while I dream

I dream, and I wait.  I keep hoping for him to stand and sing, "Come on darling, put a pretty dress on.  We're gonna go out tonight.  And dance, dance, dance . . "  But my two-left-feet guy doesn't sing very well either, so the dream lives on. 

He assures me if we lived closer to a dance studio, we'd give it a whirl.  Mmmhmmm.  Lucky for him, we live in the middle of a hundred acres of nothing but good farm land in the middle of nowhere.  I love him still.

So, since my dream remains a dream, and I might as well dream dancing-big, thanks to Maggie I'm pondering which instructor I hope to have when Dancing with the Stars finally has a Common People Edition.  Feel free to petition for that.  For now, let's dream together.

First of all, there's the incredibly talented Maksim.  Wow.  He's extremely creative and has a fabulous accent.  Not to mention, he's easy on the eyes.  But unfortunately, I'm pretty sure he knows it, which is annoying.  Plus, I find him a bit scary and too intense.

Then there's Tony, with an award-winning smile.  He's sweet and patient, which would be extremely valuable for someone like me with zero dancing experience. A good pick.

And you can't forget Louis, a great choreographer with a terrific attitude.  He seems soulful . . . I think he would understand me.  Maybe.

All of these guys are obviously great at what they do.  I would gladly accept any of them as an instructor (do you hear me, abc?).  But . . .

My absolute favorite is Derek. Not only is his choreography amazing, but he is hilarious, goofy (most like my husband!) and high-energy (and the only of these four who was made in America, by the way).  And while he would probably be exhausting, I think he would definitely be the most fun -- even if he isn't the most handsome.  He manages to pull off a crazy-fun jive and quickstep with ease and then turn around and dance an elegant waltz and look masculine and romantic all at once.

So just in case abc gets smart and allows people like you and me to be stars for a few minutes, we should be prepared.  Get out your dancin' shoes and take your pick.

It's Friendly Friday.  My chance to get to know what you're thinking!

Who would you want to be your instructor and why? 
(You don't have to limit it to my top four picks.)

Come on . . . I really want to know!

(And just so you know, my husband said he'd pick Edyta to be his dance instructor.  Hmph!  Or Julianne, Derek's sister.  I think he better stick with Julianne if he knows what's good for him!)


Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

I think Derek is terrific - but I'd really have to get into shape in order to keep up with him!

The Sharp's said...

I think I would pick Derek as well. I can't stand Max for his arrogance. Louis is too quiet and emotional for me. I do love Dancing with the Stars. My husband would absolutely NOT do the show...EVER! I don't even think the women on there (although he does like to look at them) could even talk him into it. Happy Friday!

Carrie said...

We don't watch Dancing With the Stars (just never got into it), but my Hubs has this dream of us taking ballroom dancing lessons ... one day!! Me, ... not so much - let's just say I'm not very coordinated! ;)

rachelw said...

I think I would choose Derek too. He is so funny! Dancing with the Stars has come between my husband and me...we don't watch tv in the same room on Monday and Tuesday nights because he refuses to watch it! :)

Cranberry Morning said...

I have never even seen Dancing with the Stars. :-) But I read the post and laughed because it's really sweet that your husband actually sits there and watches it with you!

We watched a war movie last night and I fell asleep to the sound of gunfire.

BlondieBlueEyes said...

I LOVE Dancing with the Stars so much. I think I would like to be partnered with.....SO hard to choose. I love Maksim, and Derek and Tony. I would to learn how to Ballroom Dance.

My little brothers know how and I am so jealous.

This Daddy said...

Oh my god, Cheryl Burke in a half of a heartbeat. He body is AWESOME. Ok, I am feeling faint, I hve to go now.

Missie said...

I have never been able to get into this show! But it does look like fun sometimes!

La Familia Garcia said...

Don't you wanna forward ABC a link to your blog so they can discover your dream! I mean comeon, what a great idea!!! They totally should pick you!

Amy in Peru said...

this is very funny. in my dreams occasionally my husband sings or dances... but that's as far as that goes ;)

what is impressive is that he actually will watch the show with you... my beloved wouldn't even stand for that! :)

I must admit I wouldn't want to dance with anyone but my husband... it would be TOO weird.

maybe in heaven we'll dance...


amy in peru

Ozjane said...

I think not learning to dance as it did not fit in with my Christian values when I was young, is one of my only regrets about areas I did not venture into. I had a lovely boyfriend from a different Church background who would beg me to have a try when we were at weddings but I was such a goodies two shoes...
I can understand that our local country dances would have lead me astray but I wished there had been a safe (non worldly ) way to learn.
So I dream a bit also with the Aussie version of that show...also the Two can the title wrong but a non singer is paired with a known singer. I would go for that one with no regrets except for not wanting to see my size on TV. That puts me off entering the quiz shows also.

Amanda said...

I've been reading your blog for a while and its on my reader. I always enjoy what you write, thanks for taking the time to be honest and thoughtful. I have just started a Christian blog hop (my first ever) and thought I'd let you know about it in case you ever want to join in. Its called Friday Focus and I basically share the main thing that God has been teaching me that week. Feel free to drop by my blog and join in, I'm finding it quite hard to promote it.
PS. I can't get open ID to work and so this will link to my old blog. The one I currently have is, called Amanda's Musings.

Maggie S said...

See, it is so intriguing to think about...I am not sure my legs are long enough to win, but Shawn Johnson did(?)and I am afraid I might be cast as the 'almost-too-old-to-be-called-a' cougar. Doesn't everyone dream of just a dance? Just one really good dance in the crazy outfits with the spray tan?

Edyta? Really. I think Anna is the good, all-purpose choice for husbands who want to stay out of the doghouse. I haven't asked, but now I have to;))

Erin said...

I don't watch DWTS, but I do dance ;)
Cute layout.
Stopping by from SITS.

Karen said...

I hear you about dreaming of dancing!!! 5 years ago, after a very low spot in our marriage (27 years, then) we began to take ballroom dance lessons so we could dance at our son's wedding. (Neither of us were dancers.) Well, we continued for 2 years! It was like a mini-vacation and marriage counseling 2 nights a week. He learned to lead and I learned to follow. I really hope your dream comes true one day. i had to wait til our 3 kids were all thru college and 2 of the 3 were married-totally worth it! blessings!

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