Saturday, May 1, 2010

One Million Arrows . . . and GIVEAWAY!

Convicted.  Challenged.  Inspired.  This is how I felt after reading One Million Arrows: Raising Your Children to Change the World.  Author Julie Ferwerda truly sets forth a vision that I want to run with and be a part of -- a vision of raising world changers with "lion-hearted courage."

Julie gives practical examples of raising sharpened arrows that are ready to launch into the world to change it for Christ.  Children raised to aim higher than personal faith, success and satisfaction, but instead to shoot toward "investing in a bottomless cup of eternal blessings" by pouring themselves out for Christ.

There are plenty of great ideas in this book to use with your own children towards this target, including one that my husband and I have already begun because it spoke to our hearts.  Plus, there are other examples of ways to invest in children that are not your own.  So it's NOT TOO LATE to take part in this vision.  Kids grown and gone?  Adopt spiritual children (or go for broke and start over).  Kids almost gone?  Pray for wisdom and implement some of these ideas.  With God all things are possible.  Kids in diapers?  It's never too early to get started on sharpening those arrows.

Enjoy the author's summary of this worthy vision:
Will the world change our children...or will our children change the world? Time is short and lives are at stake. Right now, God is inviting our families to become part of a bigger story—a vision that will engage hearts to make a radical difference. One Million Arrows is an inspirational call to raise our kids to impact their culture, community, and world for Christ. If we want our kids to discover their purpose, if we want them to live with passion for the Kingdom, if we want our family to go down in His-Story, accept the mission...and leave a mark for eternity.

I am grateful that Julie contacted me to invite me to join this mission.  I am grateful for the inspiration and reminder of The Great Commission we all have. 

In honor of this, Julie is giving me an opportunity to offer to you an exciting giveaway that supports the missionThese beautiful paper-bead necklaces are made by widows and orphans.  Win them and wear them as a reminder of those who need our help. 

To be entered for a chance to win, leave a comment here or on Facebook (under the link to this post) about your thoughts on this book or on world-changers you know.  Two winners will be chosen randomly and announced Monday.  It's that simple!  (Only open to those living in the U.S. or Canada.)

And just so you know, if you decide to purchase this inspiring book, ALL proceeds help orphans.

Go bless!



Everyday Kathy said...

HI! Thanks for visiting my blog! And Happy Saturday Sharefest to you too! What an angel your girl is... love the headband by the way! And you did a great jobon that stencil!

Kathy over at Everyday Bliss

cheekymama said...

This sounds like a nice project and I love the beads. Shame I'm not eligible (UK based). Stopping by from SITS.

from Babes about Town

Jireh Ministries Foundation, Inc said...

Great Post! We are living that same concept with our children here in Uganda. These are God's children that He chose to be with us, or He chose us to be with them. Our concept is to raise them to be God fearing leaders of the future. Whether it is leading your family or a nation, we need good leaders.

Great prize, we are familiar with those necklaces and the women absolutely love them!

God Bless, Jim

Jenny said...

Good morning, saw you on a friends blog and came to visit. This book sounds intriquing and lovely. I am going to check it out.

Please don't enter me into your lovely giveaway becasue I am new to your blog!

But it looks really neat here.

I'll be back.

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

Oh sounds like a great and important read. Maybe I'll check it out.

Thanks for stopping by and making my SITS day such a wonderful experience. Your time and your words mean the world to me.

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

e-Mom said...

This is a very important book for parents. I absolutely loved it! Thanks for your review and for getting the word out. :~D

(No need to enter me into your generous giveaway... Julie sent me a copy of the book, and that's enough for me.)

Bless you!

MamaMonki said...

Our parent small group is reading this book next. I'm super excited after all the reviews I've read. We are actually going to be adding a couple more couples which will be great. I hope we get as much out of the book as you did!

Amy in Peru said...

I'm not here to enter... just to say hi and to see what you said about 'the book' :) I'm reading it too, letting it soak in. I love it. I'm so glad you shared it with me! :)

amy in peru

anne graves said...

I have seen the book and can't wait to read it. What a good reminder of a bigger picture in parenting! Thanks!

Laura said...

This looks like a great book! I love the idea of investing in other children -- I'm so thankful for those who have done that for my boys.

Come on over for some mom inspiration and encouragement.

~SHANNON~ said...

Thanks for visiting Mom Loop. I saw your post about this book there, and wanted to come check it out. What an amazing and important subject! This line in the authors summary gave me chills...

"Will the world change our children...or will our children change the world?"

THAT is a question worth thinking about. And because of your post, I will take some time to do just that. Thanks:)

partialemptynester said...

Simply LOVE it!!! Pls, enter me...and thank you SOO much! What a wonderful giveaway!

Diane said...

I guess the kind of work I do working in international development allows me the opportunity to meet and interact with so many amazing people who are doing their part to change the world and make it better. On my blog I wrote about a small group of Italians who were missionaries with us in Zaire (now DROC) who are among the most dedicated and amazing people I've ever met. they have touched my life in so many ways---on a personal level (the one sister saved the life of my son) on a spiritual level on a professional level. good book. great cause. don't enter me in the giveaway though because i currently live in Egypt and getting something like that to me would be rather difficult. stumbled on your blog from SITS. have a great day!

GlowinGirl said...

Diane, thank you for visitng. I wish I could visit your blog and read about your missionary story. I can't access your profile though. Bummer! It sounds so fascinating!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Thank you for the encouragement on my last post! My goal is to be refined as gold! Every event, every test has an eternal purpose, and I really want to depend on God and do all of this with excellence!
Thank you for your prayers.,

Transparent Mama said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. I am always praying and open to new wisdom in raising our sons. Plus, I love these necklaces! :)

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