Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is My Face Red?

I think I'm blushing a little.  You see, sometimes I actually forget that what I write, (some) people read.   Strange, isn't it?  I mean, I am posting this in a very public place.  It's just that for so long I've been writing for me.  Privately.  Occasionally, I would share something with a women's small group or Bible study or Sunday School class, but otherwise my thoughts were kept hidden.  I liked it that way.  It felt safe. 

I've been blogging for a few months now . . . . sharing openly my thoughts.  But apparently in my mind, I'm sometimes pretending that they are still private.  So now you understand why I was a little surprised and feeling a little shy when Lucy from lucille in the sky gave me this award.  (Wasn't that sweet of her?)

But it reminded me that someone is reading my heart -- in all it's silliness, goofiness, seriousness, messiness  . . . It's out there for all to see.  I'm glad she liked it.  And if you do too, I'm honored. 

Now, according to this award, I am to tell you seven random things about myself.  Hmmm

1.  I have a lead foot. 

2.  Sometimes my husband's driving scares me.  But I'd still rather sit in the passenger seat so I can study everything as we pass by -- tree houses, flowers, barns -- and occasionally the ditch I think he's getting too close to.  I let him know about it, so I can get back to enjoying the passing scenery.

3.  I'd love to have an old pickup truck from the 1950s.  I can just picture my hubby and me in it . . .  and my kids are mysteriously absent. 

4.  Thanks to my parents' kindness, we built a house a few years ago on the original homestead of the family farm I grew up on.  I'm lovin' it.

5.  Yes, I'm a farmer's daughter (and proud of it!).  I've driven tractors when my dad was desperate for help.  I've helped bale straw.  I've bottle-fed lambs.  And I've called pigs to their dinner -- that last talent won my husband over.

6.  I still have my poodle skirt that my grandmother made for me in eighth grade for Halloween.  I can kinda-sorta still wear it if I'm creative and stand really straight and suck in hard and don't wear a shirt that tucks in  . . . and don't zip it up all the way.  But that counts, right?

7.  And finally, I want to be a dolphin trainer when I grow up -- or be on Dancing with the Stars.  But first I have to figure out how to be a star. Details.

And for the fun part . . .I'm passing this award on to some lovely ladies at these blogs I've found fairly recently.  You really should check them out! 



the shoafs said...

i love random lists. i, too, have quite the lead foot. fortunately, i live in a small town where most of the police officers know me, my parents, my in-laws, etc. i've only have to go to traffic school 3times and those tickets came from out-of-town :) i THINK you can only take that class 5 times in your lifetime or something like i'd best start slowing down sometime soon! or praying that God will gift me with an internal radar detector!!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Conrats on your award! I found those things all interesting about yourself, especially that you are a farmer's daughter.

Maggie S said...

We have a lot in common: lead foot and wanting to be on Dancing with the Stars(which professional do you want to teach you?).
And wowee!!! Thanks for including me in the "veebee" awards:-)

Rachel said...

Hey Friend!! Thanks so much for the award! I am so flattered to be a in the company of such other awesome bloggers! I have really enjoyed getting to know you through yours in the last couple of weeks!!

Cranberry Morning said...

Congratulations! :-) I started blogging also because it was just sort of my personal online journal - so much easier than using paper and pen, and a place where I could post my photos as well.

Keep up the blogging!

Jaime G said...


Congratulations on your award, and thanks for passing one on to my site, too. That was so sweet!

I love the design of your blog. So whimsical and fun.

Are you a Hoosier, too?

Jaime G

partialemptynester said...

LoVe this randomness, esp that you won your hubby over callin pigs to their dinner!! Thank you for your sweet comment, check out my comment under your comment on that post ;)

Ooh, and I recently found Live, Learn and Love Together, too, isn't she great (and of course, love Steady Rain, so sweet)?! Can't wait to check out the others, too! You're always so good at connecting :)

Faith said...

congratulations on your award!love your random list. who wouldn't want to be on dancing with the stars?

Karen said...

Congratulations on your award! I enjoyed learning more about you....

Kelly said...

Congrats on the award. What a great idea!!!
Aren't the inconspicuous things about us the most interesting!

Kelly said...

Congrats on the award. What a great idea!!!
Aren't the inconspicuous things about us the most interesting!

Lynda Young said...

Congratulations on your award! It's always great to learn more about our blogging friends :)

And thank you for passing on the award to me. I feel really honoured :)

Wanda said...

Now you have the same foot problem. Congrats to you on receiving the award and many thanks for passing it on to me. BTW, it is kind of funny to think people actually read what you have to say isn't it? God bless you.

Amy in Peru said...

hey! I just won this same award! ;)

well, a pig farmer's daughter is something to be proud of for certain. My mother in law had pigs too and when we've visited MN to see them, I was amazed. truly.


amy in peru

Megan said...

CONGRATS! So happy for you my friend!

Hope this finds you well. We've hit a busy spell.... things are slowing down!

Carrie said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the award!! I've enjoyed my visits to your blog so much these last few weeks! Thanks for an uplifting and encouraging blog!

I think it is so neat how you grew up on a farm. Bottle-feeding lambs ... I'm picturing something like Fern in Charlotte's Web. Cute! ;)

My hubs is the safe driver in our marriage ... I tell people when they get in the car with me that they are riding at their own risk!!

Thanks for sharing these fun tidbits about yourself - I enjoyed getting to know more about you!! And thanks again for the award!! I look forward to checking out the other recipients!! ;)

Jennifer in OR said...

Great blog; here via Chrysalis. :-)

How special to have your home on the old homestead!

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