Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Favorite Summer Things

"Summer time, and the livin' is easy."  Mmmm, summer time . . . I even love the song.  While I'm admittedly not a fan of extreme heat (and might even be heard complaining about it), there are many things about summer that I really do L-O-V-E. 

Today, I'm going to go out and enjoy a few of these things.  I hope you do too!




pink roses






waterproof mascara

little kids' pjs

fun in the pool


stargazer lilies

cool washcloths

mason jars

the beach


tinted moisturizer


cloud watching

star gazing

fresh food from the garden


county fairs

bare feet

It's Friendly Friday.  I ask; you answer.
What do you L-O-V-E about summer?
Tell me.  I really want to know!  Then get outta here and enjoy it!



Cranberry Morning said...

Especially love that barefoot photo. CUTE. I've always loved sparklers, popsicles, and most of all stargazer lillies!!

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Sunkissed cheeks, summer freckles and lots of trips to the ice cream stand are my favorite summer things!

Faith said...

oooh Love this post! Summer is NOT my favorite time of year. You should link up with Friday Favorites!! I was featured this week :) There's a link on today's post.

Megan said...

popsicles, sleeping in until 7, grilling, swim time...and more!

So glad you are enjoying the season!

Much love!

Kylee said...

I love most of those things, too! Actually, almost all of them. Anthing summery, swimmy, non-schooly just makes my hear happy!

I especially love little kid pajamas. My little foster sisters who are 2 and 5 often climb into bed with me in the mornings. Messy hair, summer jammies, and precious girls. Love it!

~Amy~ said...

Lazy days, Ice Cream, Catching Lightning Bugs, and the food!! The freshness of the fruits and veggies in the summer cannot be beat!
Enjoy your summer! :)

Karen said...

Love those sweet bare feet...they must belong to your darling little girl...

I enjoyed your list...and would include for me some ice cold lemonade...homemade ice cream...camping...and sweet starry nights....

MamaMonki said...

My favorite summer thing is everything you mentioned and playing in the garden dirt and then spraying muddy feet off with ice cold water from the hose.

Missie said...

Love the list! You make me want to bust out of the office and hit the pool!

This Daddy said...

You LOVE some awesome things there.

I love the kids playin' and getting nasty and sweaty and then spraying them with the hose. I love water balloons and taking the kids to the pool. I actually do love the heat, gettin' a lil' tan, trying to keep up with the kids and Tracy's tans.

Most of all I love the weekends and time with the family while the days seem longer and the sun stays up in the sky forever

Enjoy your SUMMER weekend and have a great Fathers Day

Natalie said...

Pretty much agree with your entire list! I L-O-V-E that my kids put on their bathing suits when we get up in the morning and go straight to the pool (baby pool in our backyard mind you) to splash and giggle. I also love that we eat popsicles more than I care to admit during the day and that we don't really have to do much but have fun. That's our motto this summer - if it's not fun, we're not doing it! :)

Have a great weekend, dear one!

Natalie at Mommy on Fire

e-Mom said...

Sparklers... YES! It's almost the Fourth of July. Oh My!

I love summer bcause of all the things you mentioned, AND because it's full of color. ღ

Claudia said...

My summerloves are strawberries, cherries, barbecues, sitting outside until late at night, dancing in warm summer rain, diving into a lake, biking in the summer heat, ICECREAM!!!......

GlowinGirl said...

How could I forget ice cream?! Espcially the homemade kind!

Clare said...

Totally agree! The long, lazy days are what make it so much sweeter!

By the way, I ironically found your blog on the Scary Mommy comment section - very cute blog! :)

Claudia said...

The feet - I LOVE those cuddly baby feet

Manda said...

Want to be in that pool.... looks refreshing.

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