Monday, June 21, 2010

My Father, My Dad

My God is









and more.

How did I learn these things?

By watching my dad.

I'm blessed to read the Word, pray to my Heavenly Father and experience Him in my life to know these things as well.  But it was my dad who taught me first by living well. 

And the longer I live, the more I realize how much like Him, he is.

holy experience

Passing 100 Gifts . . .  #84-110:

a dad who taught me about the Father

cuddling with The Stinker

new words from Baby Girl

"Mine," she says

kickball in the backyard

family parties

homemade pie

my brother's teasing

wedding plans

my husband's arms


reading about Africa

new haircuts

packages in the mail

a new dress

library time

an encouraging email

a praying friend

God's still working on me

my sister's love




time with my nephews

The Thinker's apology

Jesus' disciples, hard-hearted and amazed

an accountability group



Maggie S said...

Good Morning.

Homemade pie
never having another garage sale ever
spaghetti and meat sauce
my kids health

Anonymous said...

I love the motorcycle picture with your daddy! Have a wonderful week...

emily wierenga said...

what a blessing our dads are... thank you for sharing yours with us!

Missie said...

Beautiful! Happy Monday!

Cranberry Morning said...

I hope your dad had the opportunity to read that wonderful tribute to him.

Anonymous said...

It's so good to have a father who points us to the Father!

kimom said...

reading about Africa?? What are you reading?

misslenbuster said...

wedding plans - me too :)
accountability - such a blessing
africa - I'm going!
all things family - priceless. said...

What a sweet post about your dad! I love it! Thanks for visiting my site... I've enjoyed visiting yours.

Rachymommy -

Heather said...

Praise God for fathers who taught us about the Father! Thanks for stopping by my list :)

e-Mom said...

LOL, look at that motorcyle! This is a wonderful tribute to your Dad. He's a blessed man to have you as his daughter. :~D

Paige said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog on my SITS day! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Maureen @ TatterScoops said...

What a beautiful father's day tribute. The pictures are so priceless! Thanks for sharing this.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

What a great tribute to your dad. And what a wonderful legacy he is leaving!

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