Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Want What She's Having

This is the state of my mother-in-law’s life right now:

She recently had surgery on her foot for the second time – on the same foot – within a year’s span. Apparently, it didn't "take" the first time. She is not allowed to put pressure on it for at least six weeks. (Again.)

And yet, this is the state of my mother-in-law:

Notice that beautiful smile. It could be because her favorite daughter-in-law (ahem, only daughter-in-law) was waiting on her hand-and-foot today and will be again soon. I overheard her say as much on the phone to her friend -- just how much fun she's having. Surely, there is a certain amount of glee that could be had in ordering around the woman who stole your baby boy.

But I know that’s not really it. She’s just a fun-loving, joyful (and not bossy) person to be around. I like that about her. A lot.

She’s having that “give thanks in all circumstances” attitude off of the 1 Thessalonians menu. I need a serving of that, and I'll bet she'll share.


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