Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Favorite WINTER Things

I love lists. I used to love winter. To remind myself why I (used to) love winter, I thought I'd combine my love of lists with my fading affection for winter in hopes that reminiscing will stir my heart to love again. . . .

warm socks fresh from the dryer

Burt’s Bees Lip Shine


paper snowflakes

really fat real snowflakes



cinnamon toast




leather coats



indoor s’mores

good books


old movies

the Psalms


fuzzy blankets

snuggling on the couch


Help my heart . . .what are your favorite winter things?



Andy and Jenn said...

When we lived where it snowed, I always loved those rare occassions where you get snowed in. The rush of, can we make it to the store for the "essentials", snacks, junk and maybe milk. Then you get home and the snow brings on this relaxation thing you can't fight. The family snuggles up and watches silly movies together and you eat and eat and eat.... Oh how I miss that.

Michele said...

Hey, I'm over from Beth Moore's blog. I AMEN out loud your comment. I'm right there with you! I see you are a homeschooling Mom of 3. . . me too! Just thought I'd pop over and say Hi. I'm loving this "So Long Insecurity" book. . . I can't wait until I can say a big loud "GOODBYE" to it. Have a wonderful day.

P.S. I loved your winter list. I need to do one of these, b/c I am so ready for some warm weather!!!

danae said...

i just moved to indiana last summer from north carolina, so this is my first real winter. ever. and i already hated north carolina winter! but a friend said that a good coping mechanism is to find whatever you DO like about winter and milk them for all they're worth - much like your list! so mine:

coats, hats, gloves, scarves - i love to accessorize!

fires in fireplaces (had one last night)

warm blankets

hot cocoa

hearing my tea kettle whistle

reading good books

game nights with friends




cute boots


partialemptynester said...

Mmmm, I absolutely ADORE winter!!!!! We just had a record snowfall of 12 and 1/2 inches here in Texas (highest on record, since they started recording snowfall inches over a hundred years ago!).

Walking in a winter wonderland while the snow was falling listening to Steven Curtis Chapman's latest CD, Beauty Will Arise.

Catching snowflakes on my we ever outgrow that desire?

Watching my son play fetch with our dogs using snowballs...and the dogs actually bring them back in their mouths...such funny expressions on their faces when they try to give them back, partially melted...

Little boots, scarves and gloves hung over the grate by the fire (except we noticed how BIG they were this year, lol, not enough room to dry them all).

Oversized hot chocolate mugs that you can snuggle your cold hands around...mmm, love that feeling!

Huge pots of soup, enough for neighbors to eat while watching the kids play outside from the kitchen window.

Igloos, snowmen, sledding down the neighborhood hill, snowball fights well into the night...seems the real world just stops for that brief moment in time to watch the snow continue to fall...

rachelw said...

I'm one of the few people who actually like winter, and since we've moved to Florida I really miss that season! There is nothing better than being nice and warm and cozy inside your house when it's cold and snowing outside!

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