Saturday, February 6, 2010

Someday Gone

As I was singing a lullaby to my baby girl last night, the moment became one of those frozen in time. A moment that takes your breath away because you realize how perfect it is, and at the same time that soon it will be gone. In that moment I remembered that my little peek-a-boo bug . . .

will someday be like her brothers: BIG.

And that someday the three of them, in fast forward, will God willing, (grow up go to high school go to college get a job be on their own get married have kids) be gone.

And my soul whispered, "Let me hold you longer."

In the middle of the night, my princess awoke, which is unusual for her, and she was having trouble sleeping. A small part of me was secretly glad that I had an excuse to bring her to my bed and snuggle close with her. Because someday . . . she will be gone.


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MamaMonki said...

I so know that feeling. Davey is already at that stage where he won't let me hold him for too long. I miss my little snuggle bug.

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