Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tree Envy

When we built our house a few years ago, I began to check out all the houses I passed everywhere we went. For awhile I studied styles: ranch, cottage, farmhouse, Cape Cods. Once we’d made our decision about what to build, I began to obsess over siding and brick choices. We drove around neighborhoods looking at endless combinations. Ditto for shutters. Did I like black, white or burgundy? And then shingles. Sheesh! Every house I drove by was up for examination. Thank goodness the inside was easier for me. We’ve moved several times before this, and I’ve had the chance to redecorate various houses. Plus, these choices are much less permanent and therefore not as anxiety-inducing to me. Already, I’ve repainted a couple of the rooms and am planning what to do with the basement now.

I love the home we built out in the country. It’s quiet. There’s little traffic and lots of room to play. We’re near family. The trip to the mailbox requires a good walk. And it has a great open view; we have front row seats for every sunrise and sunset. Unfortunately, some days it’s a little too open. When we built our house, we took down a couple of old, scraggly trees that had seen better days. The only trees on the property. So once again, I began to scrutinize every home I drove by. Only this time, I didn’t notice the siding or brick, the shingles or the shutters. This time I was, and still am, captivated by the trees.

All those amazing, sturdy giants that give shade when it’s hot

bloom sweet-smelling flowers in the spring,

show off brightly colored leaves in autumn

and block that cold, cold wind in the winter. Trees! I want them! All of them! And big!

My dad advised we plant trees early on, so we planted fourteen pretty little trees the following spring . . . even before we had grass, I think. Twelve have survived, and I love each and every one. My ornamental pears and crab apples displayed pretty blossoms this spring, and my little maple did it’s best to add color this fall.

The evergreens look lovely frosted with snow right now.

And they’re all growing, bless their hearts. Yes, I love my little seven foot trees.

But it’s cold, and the wind is blowing like the dickens, and I’d really like a whole wall of the suckers at about sixty feet tall.

Today, just today, (okay, and maybe a few others) I’d sacrifice my view for that.


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MamaMonki said...

I know exactly what you mean! When I married Steve he had no trees in his yard at all!! Can you imagine?! So we bought a maple tree - which in 5 years has grown A LOT. Then my dad brought us a redbud for the other side of the back yard and a crabapple for the front. (of course neither of those were bought - they were found somewhere, dug up, and moved here by my dad) Steve gripes about the leaves in the fall - but I cherish all three of our trees - but I definitely favor the two from my dad.

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